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Fabian Rüth

Simracing since 2015.
Brain behind several race and championship winning setups and race strategies.

FSR WC, GPVWC, VEC, Virtual Le Mans
Supported many esport pros as well as real life pros finding the last critical tenth to win at the highest level.

Mossab Ben Ammar_edited_edited.png

Mossab Ben Ammar

I have been simracing since 1996 and I begun playing with setups since Nascar 99. I have been coaching and building setups for rf2 teams and drivers since 2018.

Michi Hoyer_edited.png

Michi Hoyer

I am a simracer for more than 15 years now. Since 2016 I race competitively in the competition leagues and series on rFactor 2. Since 2020 I race in all top-level series on rFactor 2.

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Your car setups are still made by trial and error?

You invest hours in your setup and in the end you are still over a second off pace?

You have no clue about (rf2) car physics?

You have a good setup but you still can´t find the last second with your current driving technique?

You already are a very good simracer in rf2 and you now want to become a pro?

Have a look into our coachings!

We will help finding your leaks so you can further improve your laptime!