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Coaching Expert 3h

Expert 3h

  • 3 hours
  • 195 euros
  • Online

Service Description

In addition to every topic included in "Basic": How to handle encrypted MoTec channels - how to enable those channels in MoTec - how to get the needed numbers to calculate (live) engine wear Monitoring live engine wear - calculating engine wear in MoTec - how to monitor engine wear during the race - how different engine boost settings affect engine wear - knowing how much boost left to use during the race Using the benefits of Simhub - creating overlays in general - getting perfect race starts - minimize reaction times - showing the real tyre wear in rf2 - showing engine wear - helping not to overheat tyres - getting setup information while still driving Optimizing fuel economy - getting more power while consuming less fuel compared to opponents - engine efficiency for different engine rpms - optimizing engine mix strategy - when to use which engine mix - when to short shift - when to lift and coast - how much short shifting or lift and coast - maximize fuel saving behind opponents, so you have to refuel less and overtake in the pits Taking a closer look into rf2 tyre (wear) - tyre temperatures - tyre wear secret in rf2 - why the real rf2 tyre wear is not the one shown in the HUD while driving - how to calculate and monitor the real tyre wear during the race General - providing setups during the coaching - providing server for the coaching - comparing with a pro hotlap Understanding (rf2) car physics - take a look into "basic" coaching How to build setups like a pro - take a look into "basic" coaching Driving technique - take a look into "basic" coaching General rf2 advices - take a look into "basic" coaching MoTec - take a look into "basic" coaching Race strategy - take a look into "basic" coaching

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