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Coaching Basic 2h

Basic 2h

  • 2 hours
  • 90 euros
  • Online

Service Description

Understanding (rf2) car physics - real life vs rf2 physics - abusing rf2 physics - what makes a good laptime - different car types - aero sensitivity and how it influences setup and driving style How to build setups like a pro - creating a very good base setup from scratch in less than 2 hours - no more trial and error that will take a lot of time - real life setup matrix vs rf2 setup matrix - analysing track characteristics - how to use MoTec while building the setup - maximizing aero performance with the right suspension settings for each track - dynamic ride heights - perfect engine and brake cooling - understanding dynamic brake balance - how to adjust for race setups - how to create hotlap setups - having the right balance over a full race stint - tyre temperatures - when and how to use packers like a pro - using packers to get the critical performance advantage over opponents Driving technique - racing line - different corner types - where to have oversteer, understeer or a neutral car balance - having the right balance for each corner - influencing car balance with inputs - adjusting driving style for different car types (open wheelers, LMPs, GTs, ...) - which corners are important for laptime - how to analyse the driver with MoTec - comparing drivers in MoTec and creating replay overlays - using non linear pedal inputs to get the car closer to the limit - lift and coast - saving the maximum amount of fuel during the formation lap - keeping the tyres in the right temperature window General rf2 advices - setting up rf2 - setting up steering wheel and pedals - FFB - FOV - using CarStats - content manager - offline championships MoTec - creating workbooks in general - creating the right sheets to analyse data in the most effcient way - creating aeromaps - analysing engine - perfect shifting points - analysing the driver and finding leaks Race strategy - how to race engineer - basic fuel economy - choosing the right tyre - choosing the right stint lengths - endurance vs sprint races and how it influences race preparation - using the right setup type - basic engine wear

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