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Motec + Replay - StockCar 2018X - Lemans

Motec + Replay - StockCar 2018X - Lemans

Race setup with maximum fuel - race pace laptimes 3.48s (possible 3.47s)

Replay and Motec files included.


You have no ABS and no TC and you have a heavy car, be gentle!

Pay attention to the radiator opening - it depends a lot on the ambient temperature and on the slipstream. if you stay too much on the slipstream you may overheat the engine.

If you close the radiator, you gain top speed easy but real temperature readings start from lap 2 or 3.

Configuration: Road Course

Brake kit: Heavy Intermediate

Inner Liner: No Inner Liner

Wheelbase: 110-in/110in (STD)

Steering ratio: Standard 16:1

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