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Your car setups are still made by trial and error?

You invest hours in your setup and in the end you are still over a second off pace?

You have no clue about (rf2) car physics?

You have a good setup but you still can´t find the last second with your current driving technique?

You already are a very good simracer in rf2 and you now want to become a pro?

Have a look into our coachings!

We will help finding your leaks so you can further improve your laptime!

We will show how to create a good base setup from scratch within 2 hours. So you can focus on driving right away and save a lot of time each time you drive a new car/track combination.

We will show every little detail that still seperates you from a pro in our expert classes.

We offer 2 types of coachings:


  • Understanding rf2 physics

  • How to build setups like a pro

  • Driving technique

  • General rf2 advices

  • MoTec

  • Race strategy


  • Everything included in "Basic"

  • How to handle encrypted MoTec channels

  • Monitoring live engine wear

  • Using the benefits of Simhub

  • Optimizing fuel economy

  • Taking a closer look into rf2 tyre (wear)

Our Services

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